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Got Water?

Splash! A Scouts BSA Nova Award Event


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BSA STEM Nova Award

On Saturday, February 25th, starting at 10:00 am, Scouts BSA youth will tour the Big Break Regional Shoreline and talk with a Naturalist to see how water plays a central role the lives of the plants and animals of the delta. We will explore the chemistry and structure of water.  Along the way, there will be discussions with a Nova Counselor about the videos or reading they did, about the merit badge they earned, and discussions about the importance of water. Don’t let the name “Splash!” fool you, this is serious subject, plus there are a lot of cool things water does that no other chemical can do.

Oil Spill Cleanup!

Science Everywhere! A Cub Scout Nova Award Event

Saturday, March 18th @ 1:00 pm

BSA STEM Nova Award

On Saturday, March 18th at 1:00 pm (check-in at 12 pm), we will meet at St. Stephen CME Church in Fairfield, CA to learn how to be a scientist, the impact of oil spills, and how to clean them up.  Nova Counselors will guide Cub Scouts youth (Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and AOL) in completing the Science Everywhere! Nova Award.  We will have all the supplies needed for the demonstrations and we will be a talk and demonstration International Bird Rescue.  At the end the session, a Scout completing all the requirements will receive their Nova Award patch or pin.  The event should finish between 3 and 4 pm.

This event is only open to Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and AOL Scouts.  Lions and Tigers are not eligible for this award.

Everyone needs to bring their own refillable water bottle, but we will have a small snack for everyone.

The cost for the event is $25. 

Parents should plan to remain and observe their Cub.


Whoosh! A Scouts BSA Nova Award Event

BSA STEM Nova Award

Come join the Golden Gate Area Council STEM Committee for the Nova Award Whoosh!  

On Saturday, April 1st at 1:00 pm, we will meet to learn about simple machines and how they are used to make more complex machines.  We will take a virtual tour of an amusement park to see these machines in action.  Your activity over the week will be to design (create) your very own amusement park ride using the Minecraft platform.  We’ll share an example that another Scout did in Minecraft.  (Of course, Minecraft isn’t required, and we will happily work with Scouts that aren’t Minecraft afficianados.)  The activity is suitable for all Scouts BSA ranks and ages.  

On Saturday, April 8th at 1:00 pm, we will meet again to close the loop on our exploration of machines, and you will share your creation.

The cost for the event is $15.  

We will be using a combination of Zoom and Google Classrooms for this event (A non-academic Google account is required to access non-profit Google Classrooms.).


In an effort to assist Cub Scout Den Leaders with hands-on activities, the STEM Committee is developing brief videos with STEM activities that can be related to Cub Scout Adventures, not just the Nova Awards.  We will try to release a new video about one a week, so check back periodically for updates.

Albert Einstein Supernova Medal
Scouts BSA, Venturer & Sea Scout Gold Medal
Thomas Alva Edison Supernova Medal
Scouts BSA Silver Medal




Wright Brothers Supernova Medal
Venturer & Sea Scout Silver Medal
Benard Harris Supernova Medal
Scouts BSA Bronze Medal

While some Packs and Troops have registered Supernova Mentors, many units do not. If you are a scout looking to earn a Supernova Medal and need a mentor, please email the STEM Committee at [email protected]. Please included which Supernova Medal you are thinking of working towards, your current rank, and any work you may have done so far in completing the award.

Sally Ride Supernova Medal
Venturer & Sea Scout Bronze Medal
Image of the Dr. Charles H. Townes Supernova Award Medal for the Boy Scouts of America
Webelos Bronze Medal
Luis W. Alvarez Supernova Medal
Cub Scout Bronze Medal

Welcome to the GGAC STEM Page

Welcome to the Golden Gate Area Council’s STEM page.  This subdomain is meant to be a resource for any and all Nova Counselors, Supernova Mentors, Unit Leaders, and anyone interested in the BSA’s STEM program.  The Requirements Help Page has sortable tables for all the STEM Adventures, Merit Badges, and Venturer Fields of Interest. The Supernova Guidance Page has valuable information for Supernova Mentors and candidates for completing the Supernova Application for all program levels.  The Requirements Menu has links to the current Nova and Supernova requirements pages.  The STEM Resources Menu has additional links for Nova Counselors and Supernova Mentors, a list of the Council’s STEM in a Box offerings, Local STEM activities, and additional resources from National.  There’s lots of information on these pages, but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the GGAC STEM Committee Chair, Tracy Peters

The GGAC STEM Committee is always on the lookout for Scouters that are passionate about STEM. Please join us at our monthly Committee meetings. For information about joining in on the fun, Alan Young.


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